The kit includes:

- "LeGun", version for left or right handed persons (on order);
-Separators of wicks;
-Dissolver 50 ml;
-Printing paper;
-H02 (2 tips);
-Liquid light fusion 2 x 2ml.

* Delivery available soon

* Prepaid order - Payment methods preffered are : bank transfer, credit card, paypal or cash.

The new revolution
In the laying of capillary extensions.


Mia, co-founder of the Hair Plus concept, suffers from a disease affecting her immune system, which causes her hair loss. Being very curious by nature and seeking a solution to her problem, she then tried several techniques and the solution was to develop the concept of Hair +.

Éric, the spouse of Mia, a machinist for 32 years, is a man of few words, but a man who listened to the needs of his wife. Seeing the European concept, he invented the "LeGun" model and adjusted it to her left hand for a better use..

By working extremely hard, both have found the perfect solution to restore smiles and self-esteem to people living with hair problems.

"LeGun" is a European concept, but now 100% adapted to the realities of North Americans.

"LeGun" is engineered and manufactured in Quebec. This makes it a 100% Canadian product. The products derived therefrom, i.e cold liquid fusion, solvent and all derivatives, are also manufactured, supervised and revised in Quebec.

Trust us and discover our products. The revolution is in the concept and technique of laying the hair extensions and in return restores the confidence in your customers.

In the meantime,

Our team of professionals will be happy to guide you throughout your acquisition and training.


In the meantime,


Hair + is only intended for professionals licensed in hairdressing with certification and holding a base in the laying of hair extensions.

The training lasts 12 hours in 2 days.

Day # 1: Theory and Practice

Day # 2: Written and Practical Examination on Model

Contact us to learn about our training schedule across Canada.Tapez votre paragraphe ici.

Discover the benefits of "LeGun" tool

- Revolutionary cutting-edge technology;
-100% human hair;
-Technology for men and women;
-For men, we can even take your own personnal hair and use it to put the layers at the level of the cavity;
-Ideal for people with hair strewn and fine;
-You can lay wicks from 1/16 to 1/4 of an inch;
-Apply on the top and the contour of the head;
- Ideal solution for women who suffer from hair loss and want more volume;
-is a great alternative to wigs for people with cancer;
-Economical and ecological;
-Launch time approx. 4 to 5 months;
-The cold liquid is available in clear. (Special orders in brown and black are also available)
-The liquid is odorless;
-Invisible technique;
-Use on dyed hair, with permanent, curled, you can also use the iron, dryer, coloring and more;
- "LeGun" is super light and made of stainless steel with a Swarovski diamond on top;
- "LeGun" is available in two versions, one for left-handers and the other for right-handers.Tapez votre paragraphe ici.